Top 3 reasons your med spa should be doing digital advertising right now!

First, what is digital advertising? Well, let’s start with what digital advertising is NOT. Digital advertising is not posting to Facebook and Instagram. In fact, when you post to Facebook, it’s estimated that only 2% of your followers will actually see the post. Facebook is here to make money so they’re going to make you pay up.

So what are our top 3 reasons you should be doing digital advertising right now?

1. Hyper-targetability

Digital marketing allows med spas to target potential clients/patients in a few different ways: demographic targeting, geotargeting and behavior targeting. Where traditional advertising media like radio, TV, and newspapers rely on reaching the masses with an advertisement, digital advertising does just the opposite. Digital advertising is like a surgical strike. It’s laser focused so you can be assured your advertising is reaching the right audiences that have the highest propensity to become clients. Your marketing dollars are now working SMART!

2. High Average Client Value

The med spa business is fantastic at providing multiple purchase points throughout the year. What is the value of a new client? What is the potential lifetime value of a new client? You should know the answer to these questions, and it’s easy to compute. First, we need to determine the average price for your services. We will then multiply that by how many times per year your client will purchase.


Average Sale = $350 Avg # Purchases/year = 4 Annual Client Value = $1,300

Now that you know the annual value of a new client, how many years do your clients stay with you? Let us estimate that it’s 4 years. That means a new client is worth $5,200 to your business!

3. Multiple Purchases Opportunities Throughout The Year

Do you have a gift registry? Are you taking advantage of the five “gift certificate” sales holidays? Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and let us not forget about anniversaries and birthdays. Do you send out birthday offers to significant others? Why not? A med spa gift registry can be easily set up to sell gift certificates online. Would you like more information on how to do this – give us a shout and we will set up a call and walk you through our demo at

Digital advertising is affordable, can provide a quick return on your investment and you do not have to have a big marketing budget to do digital advertising. You can usually get started with a monthly budget of $1,500 to $2,000. And based on our calculations above, one new client will more than pay for one month’s worth of advertising. Would you like to know more about how digital advertising can help your med spa? Please reach out to us anytime and we can schedule a quick call to discuss your marketing objectives.

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